Dairy Farms

Case Study


We were honored to redesign and expand our work on the project of Dairy Farms from 2011. The requirements of the client were analyzed and summarized during a joint debate:

  • Streamlining of the pages
  • Modernization (adaptation for mobile phones and tablets)
  • Improvement of main map of stops (search and GPS locations)
  • Adding information to products
  • Site-wide Search
  • A complete update of CMS and plugins

Web site is now running on WordPress content management system.

Interactive Prototype

We wanted the client to try and test our proposed amendments and distribution of elements on each page. For this purpose, we have created an interactive prototype by which the client can go through the wireframes of each page in their browser.

Try the prototype
Interactive Prototype

Product photography and post-production editing

The client did not have all their photos taken of all the products in the required quality. We made product pictures, made post-production editing and prepared them for future marketing use.

Product photography and post-production editing

Creating of Advanced Photomontages

On the main page of the project we wanted to have an individual and original photo, so we decided on the creation of photomontages of the main products. We did not forget the original interpretation of the site for non-existent content (404) either.

Design of the main pages

After agreeing on interactive prototype and preparing all the necessary documents, nothing was preventing us from the creation of the main web pages.

Product detail
Distributional routes
Hlavní stránka
Design produktu
Design trasy

A total of 18 pages were created

The main page, news list, news detail, product listing, product detail, distributional routes, text listings of routes, route detail, details of municipality, listing of stops, listing of recipes, recipe details, milk lists, profile, registration, contact us, 1000+ and page 404.

A total of 18 pages were created

Responsive Webdesign

In order to achieve the full modernization, we went through responsive web design, specifically we used mobile first approach.

Responsive webdesign

Customization for Retina devices

All elements on the pages are ready for devices that have a high density of pixels and are then displayed sharper on them (such as latest Android and Apple phones, tablets and Retina MacBooks).

Customization for Retina devices

Route functionality and maps

One of the main goals of the redesign was to streamline the main map page of Distribution Routes. The previous pages were only displaying the municipalities in which the products were being delivered.

The new solution was to display all stops on the map. We achieved that using a so-called "Clustering" where individual stops group into one point on the map when being zoomed out. Map as a result, remains transparent even when it contains more than 1600 stops.

The basic prerequisite for displaying the stops on the map is correct assignment of coordinates to each of them. Given the large number of stops, we tried as much as possible to simplify their entry into the system compared to the previous manual entry.

Route functionality and maps

WP Administration

WordPress provides the basis for many features and tools, but they are not always needed for the website and can confuse the client while managing the site. Our goal is always to adapt and simplify the administration for clients as much as possible. We also prepared several user roles that allow the distribution of access to important functions and parts of the administration.

WP Administration

In Conclusion

Some of our amendments and recommendations are still in the preparation phase and there will be a gradual implementation of them. There is always also the important routine maintenance (such as e.g. updating the system and its components).


The website launched on March 16, 2014

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Coda 2 by Panic Zurb Foundation 5 Grunt Bower Compass WordPress

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